Setup 2nd MBL on same network help


today i got a 2nd 3TB MBL which im going to use for media storage for my WDTV live streaming.

Im just wanting to know what i should do before i setup the 2nd on my network and ofcourse what steps i should take on both mbl’s and my network.

all hints and tips welcome, if someone with this setup could outline the steps they took to get both mbl’s working on the same network that would be a great help.

it could well be that i just need to connect the 2nd MBL and login to it to set up it that way, however im thinking there could be problems with names ect, this is the reason for the post, i just want to be aware of what to expect when i do plug in the 2nd MBL :slight_smile:


The only thing I would really suggest is changing the device name in the dashboard before adding the 2nd drive to the network. Give both devices distinct names so you know which one you are accessing.

I have a 1TB and 3TB MyBookLive so I simply renamed them to MBL1TB and MBL3TB

Simply go to the dashboard on your current MyBookLive

Select Settings

Device Name: MyBookLive (Change MyBookLive to a unique device name that makes sense for your network or the drives content)

Click the save button

Then add the second drive to your network and do the same

Other than that there is really nothing you need to do


Cool thanks for that info, i have now changed the device name and ammended the shortcut path on my desktop,

however im struggling to add the new shortcut to my computer, i had a shortcut in there in network that opened up

the base directory of my mbl, on the right click menu there is no option to change the path so i deleted it as obvioulsy

it will not work anymore with the new device name, how do i create a new shortcut/icon to directly open my base MBL folder, when i create a new “mapped drive” from there i have to give it a path, like //MBLStorage/public and not just //MBLStorage, any idea how to achive this?

In the network area on Windows, just drag and drop the icon for your drive onto the desktop and it will create a new shortcut.

When you right click and select properties you should get something similar to this

And if I misunderstood your question and you mean that the icon is missing under the network section of windows, just hit F5 to refresh the network device list and the new name should show up. If it still doesn’t show up, try rebooting your computer.


You understood correctly, however when i drag an icon from my desktop that opens for instance //MBLStorage, it will not create the link in “my computer” network part, i get the no entry icon, i cannot also drag the actual network icon from the network window in my computer, i can right click my computer where your c:\ d:\ drive icons are and choose “add a network location” but in the following dialogue i can only add a path “//MBLStorage/folder” and not just “//MBLStorage” to dive straight into the base folder structure, it has to have a trailing folder name, its strange, i can create a shortcut on the desktop directly from the network icon in the my network places window but i cant drag it to “my computer” where it lists my hard drives connected devices ect.


Ahh, maybe i need to use WD Link to map the drive, after reading what it does, maybe i should install and try that?

that is what im trying to do, sorry could not remember what it was called, yeah, i want to map the drives in my computer.


Sorry, figured it out, This is where i wanted the icons,

It seems that these mapped drives will not map the base folder, only the ones on the desktop do this.

Thanks for your replies.

Ah you wanted to map the shares. Glad you got it worked out :slight_smile: