Settings will Not Open on WD Logo Icon

Adding or removing files and folders

  1. Click the WD logo icon in the Windows taskbar and select Settings to display the WD Backup screen.

How can I get WD Backup icon to open so that I can get settings to open? Double click does not work. Right click and select open does not work.

I want to change some files on my backups. The instructions sound easy but do not work. I have used boyth the WD logo icon in the Windows taskbar and the WD logo shortcut icon on my desktop. Nothing works. Please help.

Have you been using this backup program before and nothing has changed…your PC, OS…if you Apps appear on your desktop, it would seem that it is there. I double-click the Desktop App all the time.

  • rt mouse click the WD Backup Apps on the desktop. Open Properties and look at the Target, should say something like C:\Program Files (x86)\WesternDigital\WDAppManager.exe "… something like that…
  • use Explorer to see if the file/folder is accessible… not a permission issue.
  • can you double click other Desktop Apps and launch
  • there is a rt mouse to Run as Administrator, but you have been using this App before to get to the Backup App dialog to Edit files/folders, so why not opening up right now. I do it periodically to fine tune my schedule.

Thank you!

I am not an IT specialist, but as far as I can tell you, a restart of your computer should solve the problem. In the worst case, you can try to uninstall and install the app again. Also, you can try to access the app not by clicking on the logo templates but by running it as an administrator. Still, there are many tutorials on youtube where you can find out what to do and how to do it. It is not that hard, believe me, and it is better than to pay a lot of money to a programmer that will spend less than 2 minutes fixing your problem and will charge you more than 50$ for that.

Thanks for sharing the solution, I also had this problem and managed to solve it very quickly. Whenever I have a problem or a question, I always try to find the answer on forums as it is much easier and quicker. For example, I needed to make some stamps fast, and someone suggested me to use MyStampReady which is a stamp maker online that is very simple to use and I have made my stamps in just some minutes.