Setting up NFS


What are you guys using to setup NFS on your servers?

I’ve tried some trailware software, some worked well, some didn’t.  The trialware has timed out so can’t use that now.  I’ve tried setting up unix services for windows on my server 2003 but couldn’t get it finished as i don’t know the user mappings from the WDTV Live Streaming box.

Any ideas?

I use a (debian) linux server to provide NFS. Easy to setup, only one config file, works like a charm :wink: You mentioned you own a windows 2003 server - what keeps you from using SMB (windows shares)?


Well nfs is supposed to be more effiecent.  I did use a trial version of Allegro NFS which worked well.  I’ve been trying HaneWin NFS which isn’t very good at all, SMB is quicker than HaneWin NFS.

Thing is i’m streaming over my LAN using cables not wireless. I use a couple of 500Mbps powerlines between the router and server in the garage.  The WDTV connects to a swtich and then to the router.

High bitrate movies and blu ray rips play a bit and then start stuttering, thats what I’m trying to sort out.  The files are .m2ts files not MKV.

Watching my network traffic on the Windows Task Manager on my Server its not maxing the card out so I don’t understand why its stuttering, there is more than enough bandwidth.

If i take the LAN cable from the WDTV and plug into laptop and play the same file, it plays fine.  I’m using Windows Media Player Classic and Klite on the laptop.

I’m on latest firmware on WDTV