Setting Up New Hard Drive - Mapping

Starting from a freshly formatted hard drive I added three folders - Movies, Music, Photos. Inside the movie folder I added a dozen or so more folders and named as 3d, Action, Thriller etc for the genre. now each film I have has it’s own folder, so just say in 3D folder I may have upto 20 more folders for films. My question is this -

  1. Do I keep each film in it’s own folder or just put all 3d films in one folder labelled 3D.

  2. When making moviesheets with thumbgen should they save in a seperate folder for each movie or all be in the one folderas question 1.

Hope this is easy to understand.

Thanks Paul

Just put all 3d films in one folder labeled 3d and so on. No need for separate folders for each movie. Thumbgen will save the movie information without problems with other movies. This is the recommended way to set up your folders.


Thanks will do.


hi, sorry , bit new to this , am i right in thinking i can plug a usb hard drive in to my  wd live tv hub and use it as a extension of the hub and add films music  etc? thx for help