Setting-up my cloud as a network drive without synchronization?


I’ve bought a Mycloud EX2 ultra recently.
I’ve installed WD Access and WD Sync

What I found in the setup is only synchronized folders with my computer.
That’s not really what I need.

What I would like to do is :
I have 2 computers (a desktop and a laptop)
I want the MyCloud to be just just a distant drive on the network
I want my 2 computers to access the NAS as a drive, and store documents and photos on that drive, but without synchronization of folders (because they are not setup the same way, for example they have different users)

I just want the 2 hard drives in the MyCloud to me mirrored and my pc accessing them.

Could you help me to setup my MyCloud in this way please ?


Hi vince_mpl,

My Cloud EX2 Ultra comes in RAID 1 configuration (by default) where the RAID controller duplicates all data from one drive to a second drive in the drive group. and My Cloud Mobile App allow users to access My Cloud from remote network after creating a Cloud Access account if using first time. You can refer below article to create Cloud Access account and access My Cloud from