Setting directory for video

I just began to transfer my video collection to my My Cloud. I am putting everything into the public folder. I don’t know if this make sense though. By the time I have several hundred titles they will all be in one long list. Is there a way of searching the drive? Can I alter the order the titles appear? That is sometimes I want to see up top the most recent movie I’ve uploaded. Maybe it would make sense to put them all in folders labeled A-Z if I cannot search. Any advice or tips gratefully accepted.

check out PLEX Media Server for your needs. 

Many thanks! It looks like Plex will do me fine. If not, I’ll be back

Okay, I bought thr app, and I downloaded the free server but my Mac is too old. Plex won’t work for me. I’ve transferred 600 movies and without an easy way to select a title, well it’s not exactly useless, but frustrating. I do have a nice program called “My Movies” in which I have catalogued my titles, so I can select something there, but then I still have to scroll through a long list. Maybe if I put them into alphabetized folders it would work okay. Suggestions?

What are you using for your player?