Set up

hi guy

im new to networking so please be gentle

i recently got a WD TV hub and WD live wire … idea being i can create a network from my computer room (location of router) to TV and use the Hub there

i believe this should work


i plugged it all in and nothing

now i think the problem is with the live wire which shows the device that is connected to the router but no other devices in the additional devices section, curiously it show the same device twice in the powerline device detected section witht the same mac address???

im not sure if anything is right

ive tried pushing the sync button and resetting … still the same

when using the utility I cant see the whole utility screen (it seams to be cut off at “connected to homeplug AV Devi” and thats it. Im running windows 7 but it does show the whole utility screen on another computer running vista)

another question

the PLC-link light on the units when a link between the units is established are these lights meant to stay lit up?

i would appreciate any help guys

even if some one could walk me through the whole setup process or problem solve with me

ok update

took the unit back to where i bought it got it replaced

new unit works fine :slight_smile:

For anyone who is having the same problems as i did

if your unit does not have the PLC light on then it is no good

thanks for hte help though