Set up questions

I have WIndows 8 and just got a My Book Live. I’d like to set it up for two people to auto-backup to it (other one is Win 7).

On Windows 8 I see you can setup File HIstory to a network drive, but it doesn’t seem to allow me to select any of the Shares on the My Book Live. Anyone know why this is and if there’s a way to get it working? I know only Win 7 Pro can upload to network locations.

I wanted each of us to upload to a different Share, however it appears the SmartWare software only allows you to upload to the SmartWare share location.

Also, I tried creating another user in the web config, was going to make 2 users and each have access to their own share, and SmartWare then said there were no writable partitions until I removed all users other than admin. Security isn’t really a concern, it’s fine if we can access eachother’s files (the device itself has a password), just trying to keep it clearly organized.

Is there any way to accomplish what I want, using WD software, Windows, 3rd party (free preferably) software, or some combination of those?

Also, I tried mapping one of the shares as a drive in Computer, it shows as NTFS but can’t use it for File History. When I try (either via the Network shortcut or via the mapped drive) it says “We can’t add your network location. This location can’t be used to save your files. Try a different location.”

Anyone have a suggestion?

What do you mean by “Can’t use it for file history?”

Nevermind, it seems to be available now! Previously there were not any subfolders within the Shares which WD created and I would get an error that I couldn’t use that each time. WD seems to have created a subfolder now and that will work. Thanks for the question or I wouldn’t have tried again!