Set up n600 as access point- need detailed instructions


i have a wireless router that works fine, but i want to use my new n600 to provide wireless to a distant room that has ethernet cable.  i should set the n600 as an access point, right?

what are the detailed steps to do so?  i went to the n600’s advanced settings and set the ‘device mode’ to ‘extender mode’ and connection type to dynamic ip, but it doesn’t work.  do i have to set other options?

after the router restarts in extender mode, how can i access its admin page?

thanks in advance,


hello and welcome to the WD community.

When the router is in extender mode, its actually as an access point  what happens is that the IP of the router changes at that moment to the IP of the router that the N600 is connected, the best way to check if it is seen on the network is to go to network on windows explorer, (if you are using windows) or you can type http://wdap on your web browser and this should also take you to the dashboard.

From what you have said you have done the process to change the unit to access point correctly.

Hi I am using Mac, and unable to logon to my net 600 on ap mode, please advise.

Hi there and welcome to the WD community.

On your browser, try typing "wdap.loca"l on the browser this should let you go to the browser, also you can go to network utility and ping the “WDMynetN600.local”.

Hope this helps you out.