Set up MyBookLive 3T with two computers and xbox. help please

Hello, I am new here and have seen a few people get their problems solved here, so I am hoping to have the same luck. I just bought the MBL 3T and I hooked it up and installed everything. I am able to see the MLB in my home network from my two computers but the loading is a little too slow. I also created a Disk Space shortcut to each computer hoping this would make it a little easier. If there is any way to make this faster i would greatly appreciate the advice. This is not my main concern though. I know MLB has a twonky server and i should be able to see that in my devices and computers but for some reason I am not able to unless I am connected to the router physically, when connected wirelessly I cannot see the twonky server. I am trying to make the twonky server visible in all my devices without having to connect the ethernet cable, specially to use it with my xbox. So in short, how can I setup the twonky server so it is visible wirelessly? Do i need to open any ports in my router? I have a motorolla router that comes with verizon fios. Thank you in advance.

Also, my MLB is set up to DHCP instead of Static , but it says that the post forwarding is enabled. Should i change this?

Try posting in the network section.


wow. Didn not even notice where i was posting. Thank you.