Set up MBL as a plain network drive without extra software...possible?


I bought a MBL (2TB) yesterday and am running into some trouble installing it. I’m not sure it’s even designed to do what I want it to do.

I’d like to just plug it into our router, assign a unique drive letter, and make sure it’s freely accessible from all the computers on our network for backups, etc.

I have my own backup software that I’ve learned to use (syncback) and don’t want all the computers to have folders on the MBL that syncback can use for backups.

I don’t need to stream any media, access a personal cloud from the web. I don’t want to install the WD software.

Is it possible to do this type of install, and if so, could someone point me to the instructions. There are 2 Win XP machines, and one Win7 that need access to the MBL.

If it’s not possible to set up like this, I’ll have to return it to the shop. My partner has a spectrum disorder and I really can’t face teaching him a new system for simply moving files around – he needs to just see it as another drive on the system and be able to drag and drop like he’s used to.

Thanks in advance for any advice!

Providing Syncback can use a network drive, your setup should be able to work like you want. 

You don’t need to run any software on your computer to use the drive, it is a self operating unit that only needs to be connected to your network.

The easiest way to get the drive “mapped” to a drive letter on your computer would be to run the install cd. You don’t have to install the software, but only have it create desktop shortcuts/mappings. 

If you don’t want to even do that, go to Windows Explorer and then to Network. Find your drive and click on it. When you get see Public, right click on Public and choose Map Network Drive. It will ask you what drive letter you want to map it to, and you will be set to go.