"Set Up Drive" button not available in Drive Settings?

Hello. Successfully backed-up all computer files before reorganizing once upon a time.

Then deleted all files on My Book Essential as per online manual instruction so as to save reorganized version instead - Discovered “Set Up Drive” button was no longer an option in Drive Settings (grayed-out), only Software Settings allowed, but pointless. Can’t backup anything! Tried uninstalling & reinstalling to no avail. Is there any way to reboot this thing, or should i just return it for another one and hope it works again on initial installation?

Be more specific in what your doing here. What are you backing up and what software are you using??

I want to back-up the “C” drive on my desktop using MyBook Essential (1TB) and WD Smartware.

Did it once with this thing, then purposely deleted all files (as per the manual).

I tried to back-up the “C” drive again, but only the “Home” and “Settings” tabs are allowed,

The “Backup” and “Retrieve” tabs are grayed-out and unavailable.

Under the “Settings” tab, only “Software Settings” and the “Set Up Software” button are allowed,

but not “Drive Settings”. The “Set Up Drive” button onscreen is grayed-out and unavailable.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the whole WD Smartware thing with the same results.

I just want this thing to do what it did the first time I hooked it up. It worked great!