Set MTU for remote video streaming

I have a 3TB MyBook Live with the latest firmware.

I have instaled the AccessBook and I can remotely access my Pictures. However, remote access video fails. I looked at the trace using Wireshark and I think it is related to my PPPoE connection MTU of 1492. The Mybook Live MTU is 1500. I tried to use ifconfig eth0 mtu 1492 on MyBook Live. The ifconfig shows that the MTU of eth0 changed to MT 1492 but in fact, it is not. I confirm using another PC to ping the MyBook Live (ping -l 1472 -f ) and it works. With the ICMP and IP headers, it mean MBL is still at MTU 1500 instead of the shown 1492. 

Can anyone let me know how I can change the MTU of eth0 of MBL to 1492 so that I can remotely stream video over my PPPoE connection?

When I test the thing again, look like the MTU on the WDL is set to 1492 correctly. However, the Wireshark trace shows a lot of “TCP Windows Full. Ignore Packet”. This problem does not occur while I access Video from home (without running the Internet Gateway) but when I remotely access the video via the Internet Gateway.

The one thing most people overlook it is the simpliest when it comes to streaming thru the internet, your ISP’s UP speed.

That is right, if you stream from home, the up speed is the biggest issue. Most users, have a very low up speed.

LAN: up to 1 gig speeds

WAN: ISP dependent, down/up speeds.

Common speeds: 10/2