Services - My Favorites

Not sure if this has been discussed or not before, but I can’t find it.

Within Services there’s a My Favorites.  I can’t figure out how to add things to it (Youtube, Netflix and a few others).

The options button doesn’t seem to do anything other than give a discription of the item.


What happens if you highlight a service and then press the options button?

It just gives you a description of that item.

Do you have the Media Library turned on?


What is the model number of your WD player?

Do any favourites show in there?

No, I have the library turned off… it was taking forever and a day to boot up or whenever I re-attached the USB hard drive.

The bottom of the device says WD TV Live Streaming Media Player -  WDBHG700000NBK-01.

I’m at the latest firmware (15 ? ).

The “My Favorites” section in the “Services” tab is empty.

Favorites are a function of the media library.  AFAIK, the media library must be enabled for Favorites choices to be made.

That’s the answer Tony. I turned off the ML a while back as I was no longer using it, and found all my favorites gone. Unfortunatly took me close to a week to associate the two things while I chased my tail trying to figure it out. It’'s a shame that the system has to be setup that way. I really liked having my favorite internet applications all in one place as opposed to having to move through the menus to get to each one.


I don’t understand this… The “My Favorites” is just a grouping of the pre-defined apps in the Services section.

I can certainly test this though.  I’ll just boot it up without the USB drive attached.

If that turns out to be the case, there’s no way I can use it as the USB drive I have has hundreds of files on it and takes so long to scan when the library is on.

It’s not a big deal, however.  I can live without adding Netflix and a few others to the “My Favorites” in Services. 

Thanks, Pearl.

Maybe they can get this changed in the next firmware update? o:-)

Maybe they can get this changed in the next firmware update? o:-)

I wouldn’t bet on it. Smarter minds than I understand this stuff (Tony?), but it is the same on the HUB as well, so I assume it is an architectural issue with the way ML is designed. Reworking of the ML would seem like something that would be a major revision of the software, and not a FW update for each of the different WD devices.

I’ve just learned to live without favorites. Not optimal but not so bad.