Serveur web - tomcat


Est-il possible d’installer et de configurer un serveur Tomcat afin de déployer un war? Si oui comment? 



Google Translation:


Is it possible to install and configure Tomcat to deploy a war? If so, how? 



Can you share more information? what are you trying to do exactly?

Hello HDKnows,

I want install tomcat 7 and access on the tomcat’s manager’s page. I want use my cloud ex4 like a web server.

I’ve a public adress and I want do this : http://[public_adress/manager to access on tomcat. 

I’ve use a tomcat standalone with a java for linux (i’ve add a JAVA_HOME to classpath) and with tomcat’s i’ve run the server. 

But the apache configuration prevent me to access.

Have you got an reply for my problem? 

Sorry for my english, i’m frensh 

MikaLeTos - I understand what you are trying to achieve but I am wondering where did you get the Tomcat binary from? I am actually wondering if you compiled the binary yourself or you grabbed the binary from somewhere - because I don’t see any binaries on Tomcat’s site for ARM-based Linux (besides the Linux that they have on EX2 & EX4 is not a full-blown Linux so many features of a full Linux distro are missing).

It won’t be easy to get Tomcat to run on the EX2/EX4 - I myself would love to install it on my EX2 but I don’t believe it is possible.