Server unknown Error


I can not use my hard disk in the WD N900N one TB I have. The error is: server unknown error

500 Internal Server Error
I have installed a new firmware and an older firmware nothing helped. I can not find an other community from WD where I can ask my question. I don’t want to format my hard disk because of the photos i have on it.
Who can help me?


You may want to have a look at this KBA:


Thank you for your help. I have an internal hard drive. Maybe this will work also for my internal drive, but o don’t want to format it. Maybe i can configure it without formatting, but I don’t know if that is possible.

What I don’t understand is that i can acces the hard disk with my toshiba laptop (with \http adres on internet explorer) and i can see all the files on it and copy files to it. But i can not turn on the mobiel or web access. An when I try to turn mobiel access it asks to turn it on and when i click yes i get the error.
And no i also can acces it with my macbook. So i have acces when i am connected to the router but no acces externally.