Server showing PC as offline since install

2 of my local PC’s are being shown as offline from the dashboard. I spent some time with one of them yesterday and made sure all windows updates were done. I then uninstalled and reinstalled the connector. I put in the server password, name of the client, select the options and it goes through the installation process without any errors.

I notice though, from the dashboard, that the friendly name I typed is not showing up beside the actual computer name.

This laptop is in another building that’s connected to our network using a wireless bridge. I would think that’s an issue BUT I have  1 or 2 other computers there that are working over the bridge.

Any ideas?

Men, contact WD Tech support, they can help you figure this out, I can tell you that most likely, the issue is because of the wireless bridge, I know that you stated that you have others computers working with he same setup.

I’ve actually determined the issue to be with the .Net Framework installations on both of the computers that are not connecting. There are several errors in Event viewer that I have to figure out. Since making this post, I’ve added 3 more PC’s on the wireless bridge to the server without issue.

Time to dig into Microsoft Knowledge bases and message boards! I’m at work today but both of the problem laptops are not here so I’ll have to save that project for another day.