Server files/directories & recycle bin?

I’m finally getting all my files onto the server-from a couple machines. I’m trying to clean up a lot of my files, and throw out copies, or old stuff I don’t need anymore.

I notice when I delete a file from the server - it immediately says “Are you sure you want to permanently delete this file”

Is there a way to have this stuff sent to a recycle bin? I am pretty sure I want to throw it out, but I have gotten used to the recycle bin system, and like it as an extra method of potentially catching mistakenly deleted files…

recycle bin does not work on network shares

right clcik a network  folder and take a look at previous versions

One option is to use Remote Desktop (RDC) in to the server and delete from there, if you want to have the files being deleted moved to the server recycling bin.

I never noticed that “Restore Previous Versions” option.

Will that ‘undelete’ something?

I have not needed to undelete something yet, just trying to plan for any potential issues…

2 things, first to rdc you have to be an administrator.  Users can do previous versions.

Previous versions is better than recycle bin.  If you change a file it does not go to the bin, but you cannot get the previous version back.

Say you save a doc to john.  Then open it as a template and change john to Jane and hit save.  John is gone and you say pooh, I meant to hit save as…

You need to play with it to learn it.  If you delete a folder you have to go up a folder to see the previous version(s)

These snapshots are timed like twice a day.  So if you create a file, then immediately delete it, there will probably not be a previous version

thanks for that explanation - that helps.