Serial numbers for WDTV Live with modified standby power-up?

Can anyone who owns a WDTV Live with the modified standby power-up please let me know what their serial number is (or just provide a number that’s close)?

I’d like to buy a Live with the lower/slower standby and need a way to figure out if a unit is likely to have it.



Just providing the first 6 or 7 digits would be good enough.

I know that serial numbers 100111xxx are Live models without the newer standby powerup.

For those who don’t know, I believe when you hit the remote’s power button, the power-up sequence is very similar to what you see after plugging the walwart in … a large WD logo will be displayed followed by a smaller WD logo.

Older units with the original standby powerup will display only the smaller WD logo using the remote.