Serendipity: Why I bought another 4TB Cloud

So for some strange reason when I saw the craigslist post for another 4TB Cloud for sale for $180, bought for $160, I just couldn’t resist another bargain.

Plugged it in and everything checked out. Apparently the previous owner had already upgraded the firmware to the latest -112. He claims to have owned it for only 3 months.

So now I have 3 x 4TB Clouds; of which this last one I have no idea of what to do with it. Although I probably could use it for testing purposes or backup when one of the other two goes RMA or leaving it on full OS mode thus allowing it to index the files that I do put on it thus I can finally share my files with my family.

yup, had to buy a switch to accommodate all this growing hardware.

So if you have any suggestions on what I can do with my new toy… let me know… This time it took me 1 minute to set up my new WDMyCloud.

Finder on OS EL Capitan still seems to be wonky…

Edit: So after spending the whole evening researching on what to do with 3 x 4TB Red Drives, I stumble upon the latest QNap TS-431 4 bay drives for about $400 with tax. I can create a 12TB raid 5 with 8TB usable in 3 bays. The 3 x 4tb My Books can connected to 3 USB 3 ports. yup… something to think about…

No Synology has never been very high on my list of Nas servers and the last thing I would want is an untuned OS which is what we have now. :stuck_out_tongue:

QNap has always been my favorite simply because it is a what I use to build; a bunch of hard drives with a PC. However as much as I love the QNap tech, you pay for the overkill like running virtual pc’s on your NAS.