Sentinel DX4200 Power Supplys

The company I work for recently threw out a WD Sentinel DX4200 NAS unit, less the power supplies and hard drives. It was in the old computer storage bin, and I asked if I could have it and they told me sure. I have been trying to locate two power adapters to fit it but I am at a loss for the correct type of adapter to purchase. I have looked in all the manuals I could find, but have not had any luck with that. WD support told me that plenty of relatively inexpensive power adapters should be available to buy on the internet, but that they could not elaborate further on it. I would like to know the following information:
Voltage output
Amperage output

I am also looking to buy the flat 40 pin cable that connects the display to the main board as it wasn’t present on the throw away.

I think any 19V 6A dc power supply would do the job (with proper plug of course)

I would only spend money on one to start with till you see if the box works :slight_smile: