Sentinel DX4000 Startup Error 0xD9

Hi. I have the device listed in the subject line and I get the error in the subject line at boot up. I have looked over the forum and it looks like I may need to boot to a USB with Recovery Software in order to fix this? I have searched all over and cannot find this recovery software. I have created a service ticket with WD but they haven’t responded after a week.

Can anyone provide me an updated link? Most of the ones I have found in the forum haven’t worked. I did find one ISO but RUFUS wouldn’t let me burn it to USB. I am hoping someone can help.



You do not burn it. You mount the iso on a worker PC and then run setup

An email was sent out this morning from support with instructions for doing a system recovery of your Sentinel. Did you receive it?

Yes, thank you very much!

Glad to hear it.

Hello I also have a problem with my DX4000 sentinel 0xD9 error I used the software to perform a recovery but when the NAS writes “recovery started” and I do next in the software, I can’t access the NAS so I can’t continue the recovery.

it appears that for some reason the latest win10 as a worker pc does not work. See if you can find an older box
do you have a 3rd party av or firewall?