Sentinel DX4000 disk drive options

I’ve just bought, via a well known auction site, a bare bones WD Sentinel DX4000 - i.e. no disk drives.

I don’t want to have to buy some very expensive WD disks, despite the List of Compatible Hard Drives for WD Sentinel RX4100 and DX4000 @ is it possible to mount other drives?  For example I happen to have 4 x 500GB drives (2 of which are WD Caviar Blue drives).  Is there something in the BIOS that will stop the DX4000 ‘seeing’ any disk that is not in the recommended list?  Is there a way around this? or have I bought a brick?


Since the box is headles (no monitor) yiou have to use the EXACT drives from the list.  It is normally cheaoer to buy the box with the drives.

thx for the info … I’ll probably re-sell it for parts … ooops

a lesson in doing the research first … ouch

I don’t believe there is anything in the BIOS that restricts what model hard drives are recognized, but after some poking around, there is a whitelist.xml file on the recovery media that I haven’t had the chance to investigate.

The officially compatible drives are available on the well-known auction site for fairly reasonable prices, although still somewhat higher than your standard Fry’s Electronics Special desktop drives.

Thx for the info … I was able to get out of the deal … an understanding seller.  But I like the look of the WD box & if it is possible to use more or less any disks I would buy one.