Sentinel DX4000 and router suggestions

Any suggestions for cloud router to be used with sentinel DX4000?

n.b.: it wil be used with dynamic ip not static so need easy cloud option to work with this…

budget 160-250 usd

Thanks, regards.

What is a cloud router?  As in what are you trying to acomplish?

to access the DX4000 from anywhere but the ISP is not providing static nor real ip… LAN ISP

If you open the dashboard, then server settings, remote access.

There is a wizard in there that will give you a addy that works with dynamic IP’s.

It is free.  After you complete that wizard it will turn on/configure your remote site for easy access from afar

still have to purchace a domain name for it I m looking for alternative manufacturer subdomain or userdomain alternative…

You do not have to purchase a domain name.  Use the microsoft option and it is free

Thanks mate i ll give it a try and get back to you