Sentinel DS6100, WD RAID Storage Utility failing with "HTTP Error 500.21 - Internal Server Error"

I recently setup a DS6100 server and uninstalled and reinstalled all the server compnets like Active Directory and IIS from the Server Manager after the server would no longer update from windows update and the domain did not get configured as I liked from setup tool that started when the server first booted.  Needless to say I think the uninstall and reinstall of IIS is the cause of this error.

I tried updating the western digial software on the server but the raid utility still does not work.  It is weird that the WD ultilty is a webpage based utiltiy.  A need some help on fixing this.


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There is no telling what else is broken.  My vote is to do a server recovery and start from scratch

Doing a server recovery is just about the last thing I want to do at this point as the server is almost fully setup.  I would like to attempt to fix the issue with the western digital software before doing a restore.

I did try to do a system remover early on by hitting F8 on boot and going into the repair console but it could not find a recovery image anywhere to restore and there are no ISO files online for this server so not sure how you are suppose to restore this server to a fresh windows install if I needed too.

It is in the manual.  Hold down shift when you click restart and continue while in windows.  Then under advanced troubleshooting is the factory restore

I had to activate CGI in IIS and we are back in business.

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I hope thats good ! :slight_smile: