Sentinel DS6100 Fans?

Can someone tell me the sizes of the fans in the DS-6100; I’d like to possibly upgrade and get better fans.

I’m guessing that one on the back is an 80MM fan. (Update: I was wrong, it is a 92mm fan, see below)

How about the CPU Fan, what size is it?? (Update: 30 mm see below).

Many thanks!!

– Cain

Welcome to the WD Community.

I think, it will be better if you contact WD Support directly. 

WD Contact info:

I have contacted them, and they were unaware the DS6100 even had two fans.

I was hoping someone here knew the answer.

Oh well, I’ll disassemble it and measure them myself.  No problem.

OK, I just opened the case up to upgrade my RAM on the DS6100.

For anyone else in the future wondering, the DS6100 has two fans.

Rear Fan = 92mm x 92mm x 25mm

CPU Fan = 30mm x 30mm x 10mm (12v).

Hope this helps someone someday.  :slight_smile:

Do you remember if that was a 3 pin connector or 2pin? I am assuming 3pin for speed controlled fan? Thanks.

Hi Matt. My DS6100 has a four pin PWM connector for the case fan.

Thank you Cain57. That would be 4 pin for the case fan, and how many pins for the CPU fan?


Do you still have that DS6100 model ? I really want to buy one DS6100 for my research project. Please reply to me if you want to sell that product.


Yes I do, I’m getting rid or it soon, I bought a new DELL Server.

You still interested in it??