Sentinel 6100 - Load UEFI HDD

I just set up my Sentinel 6100 with Raid 5, formated virtual disk and restarted. Now it shows Initalizing OK - Loading UEFI HDD which it has been stuck on for over an hour.

Any suggestions

As long as you did not mess with Virtual disc 0 don’t see why you would be having any problems.

Did you have a monitor attached? What does it say?

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I did not touch Virtual 0, It created a virtual 1 after I created and initialized. I did put it on line and quick format using Admin Tools. It stated it needed to resart to do an update and has not come back since. I was not sure if it took awhile on first restart with a 12TB machine. Should I power down and back up?

I will hook the monitor back up and see what it says

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This is not like the DX4000 where the OS is on a large raid.  The OS on the DS is on a 320 or 500 gb drive, so it really does not matter what the big drives are doing, it should boot quickly.

Need a monitor.  It may simply be asking a question waiting on a reply.

Merry Christmas Gramps,

Ok… I got it up. Once I plugged in the monitor is showed no Con It device found. I restarted and it came up. I have it all set-up my only issue is connecting from my laptop. When I use the \connect brower it shows the windows download link and it opens the open, save or cancel but nothing happens when I click open or save. It just hangs for hours.

What is your suggestion.

Thanks Gramps

Before I bothered connecting any clients, I would make sure all the windows updates are applied to the server.  It may update the connector in all this.

Is your laptop win7 or better?  Using IE?

Hi Gramps,

All windows updates are done. I installed the Server Essential software now but when I enter the server name then user name and password it states server unavailable.

Laptop is Windows 7 with all updated. I was using a Sentinel 4000 before this and it was backing up perfectly.

Does the laptop and Server have to be on the same domain? If so is there a way to change the domain on the server

Sorry took a nap :)  Merry Christmas !

Did you uninstall the old windows Storage Server 2008R2 Connector in control panel>programs?

Just where are you getting a username prompt?  You mean running the connector install?

You can’t change the domain of the server after setup. You laptop is on another domain?

You can try the regedit to bypass domain join

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Guess I did not actually answer your question.  Yes, the connector normally joins (joinable OS’ not home versions) to the server Domain

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Hi Gramps,

When the connector software runs it has you select a server which I did and then asks for a user name and password. I enter both of those in and it thinks for awhile and then states server is unavailable.

I was just thinking if because the server is on a different domain then the laptop if that would affect the connect software. I can ping the server ge to to it by using explorer with //selffserver.

I need to get my computer to backup using the connect software which is turning out to be not that easy.

Also the connect software never has been installed as it errors out during set-up “Server not available”

When you say pick the servername, do you actually have choices?

You said you had a DX4000 was why I was asking if you had unintslled the software.

What do you mean the laptop is on a different domain?  Joined to a domain at work and you have the 6100 at home?

When the connector runs it will try to join the DS6100 Domain unless you do the skip domain join regedit

Again, you may need to point your DNS on the lappy to the DS 6100 for it to find it properly


                1st a quick note to say thank you for all your EXPERT advice and your prompt attention in helping myself and everyone else who asks question on this community board. The domain was the issue and the link was the solution.

Thank you again,


Not sure how expert I be at times LOL, but thanks !

Well hope it goes well. holler if you have any more quizers

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