Seninel DX4000 Recovery Process is lasting much too long

After some problems I decided to reset DX4000 to factory defaults including formatting all 4 drives (16 TB).

Creating the stick lasted more than one hour.

Now I see “RECOVERY STARTED” on the display and the PC-Program says that the harddisks are in formatting-process.

But this lasts now fo 3 hours and the green process bar reached only 4 mm on the screen which is less than 5 % of the formatting process.

I worry that this process needs more than one day and possibly there is something wrong in the end.

Could you please tell me what happens, what could be wrong and what I could do to accelerate this process, which is gradally driving me and my worries nervous.

(I can read in the PC-Program window, that this should last only several minutes …)

It may take 24 hours or so.  While it is thinking, did you check the hash of your download?  If not do that while it is working.

Thank you for your answer!

After more than 60 hours the display changed from “RECOVERY STARTED” to “INITIALIZING OK SEARCHING…” during the (complete-)recovery process. Due to an error the connected PC with the network was intermediately shut down and there seems to be no Chance to get connected to the server for PC messages again. But I refuse a try to end this since then I fear that this needs another week …

I don’t know what happens here but the md5 hash of the downloaded EMEA file was OK.

Since I get no answer for my problem to log in to the community I have now a new account with another email address.

Does anybody know where I am with this server and what could happen next?

Would it be better to lead this thread in German language?

No German LOL

If it says searching I think it is looking for the PC desktop.  Did you try starting the wizard again from the PC to see if it finds it?

The recovery actually takes less than 4 hours once it starts.  If it is stuck on searching I don’t know of anything to do but  start over.  Perhaps now that the drives are initialized it will go faster, but you never know what will happen if you have to power off one of these.