Sending RMA without RMA Label

(RMA 0065521823)

I had an external drive go bad within the Warranty Period. First time out of all my WD drives to go bad, so go through the RMA process for the first time. I bought and printed a UPS label, attached that bad boy to the box, and dropped it off.

I was checking the status of my RMA, and it was received 4 days ago (Jan 31). I was clicking around the RMA status pages, and just realized that I did not attach the RMA Label to the shipment. I must have missed this when I was printing out the UPS label.

Am I screwed out of the RMA now? I imagine they are looking at the box and then realizing they don’t know what the drive is doing there without the RMA label and probably just chuck it into the void?

Edit: Looking at the UPS Label, the RMA Number/Barcode is on the UPS Label too, at the bottom with the RMA # and everything. So maybe I should be good after all?

My suggestion, look at this and scroll down to, Still Need Help?

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