Sending notification emails not working


I am testing out a 1TB WD My Book Live, and it seems to tick along OK.

I have added 3 email addresses into the setup, but nothing comes through. This does not surprise me, as I have not set up any SMTP server details anywhere, so not sure how it nows where to send the email onto.

Where can I setup the email details: SMTP server, from address etc?

The emails are sent from our servers.

ah, OK.

so how is the message getting to your server to be sent as an email. I think the firewall will be blocking the message getting to your server, so no email is being sent.

Can you provide more detail on this please, or point me to the details.


So, andy chance of getting the info about how the device is getting the email to the WD servers. Maybe a firewall port number or smtp address being sent to?