Select Video but takes me to File Manager (Video)

Hi All

Purchased 2 Elements Play 2TB units today…Transfered some video and photo files to one unit and placed teh files in 2 folders called videos and photos…tested it out on the TV and all was good. When i select “Video” the next screen was all the videos from the Video folder and the sample MP4’s that come with the unit. Same for the photos.

Then i did a firmware upgrade from 1.00.09 to 1.01.02 and retested the unit, Now when i select Video the next screen is “File Manager (Video)” , then i have to select “WD Elements Play”, then the “Video Folder” just to get to the videos.  So it seems the Auto Scanning isn’t working right and not reconigizing the video ( ISO) files. Estentially the “Video” icon is just the same as the “File Manager” icon in terms of navigation.

Plugged the 2nd unit in with the old firmware and tested , everything was perfect.

Any ideas ?   Can you rollback Elements firmware ?  from seacrhes it appears not…  Need help badly on this one please …Thanks in advance

Hi, you can try pressing the reset button for 4 seconds.

Press the OPTIONS button after selecting VIDEOs to re-choose how you want to navigate.

Thanks for the reply but i don;t understand how this can help?  if i choose options, this just gives a the option to select “Thumbnails, List and Preview”  or “All Media, Video, Photos, Music”  so no option to choose how to navigate.

What do you mean by choose how to Navigate

Had already tried that one but to no avail…thanks anyway…i am thinking for some reason the firmware upgrade has just screwed the unit somehow

Now that I have mine back in front of me, I can confirm that it’s doing the same thing you describe.

So I did a Factory Restore (via the Setup menus) and it did NOT correct it.