Select & play multiple video files

hi guys, i have an issue with my wd tv, playing single video file is fine, however, no matter what i do it won’t play all video files on my usb, just single one!
i checked on setting video settings it already selected repeated all but still play a single file

what’s going on?!

i appreciate any help you can provide

Which exact WDTV model do you have? All of these things are so old now a lot has been forgotten. :wink:

put all your videos into one folder … and then on the WDTV with the folder selected press the PLAY button on the remote control (Don’t press the OK button as this will enter the folder) … then it will play all the videos in the folder one by one automatically. And options like repeat, repeat all, shuffle etc will work.

this works for ALL models of WDTV Media Players.

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Thank you telling us about the pressing Play Button on the remote. I never realized that you could do it. Sure helps in binge watching.

On the Remote Control select the “Option” button, that will allow you to select Play Mode which will allow one one (3) three Modes
Repeat 1
Repeat Over & Over
Random Play