"Select Files to Restore" button grayed-out, not selectable

I wanted to restore a folder with some documents in it from my back up to my C: drive. After clicking WD Back up icon and selecting MyBook and then either Original location or a selected location, I am not able to click on the [Select Files to Restore] button. I’m only able to select [Close] button. Are there conditions or situations that prevent you from moving forward to restore files? Such as a scan in progress?


try to go manually through the Mybook to see if you see the backup folder for the WD Backup software, there should be a folder on the Mybook for the software.

I do see where I can pull the files or copy from MyBook back to my C drive to restore. This was successful. I think why it wouldn’t let me earlier to restore from the MyBook software is because it was running a scan. When I sent back into the Restore a Backup selection, it did allow me to select files to restore and I could check which I needed.