Seeing NAS listed in shared in macbook finder but not able to open

i am connecting my WD My Book Live using ethernet cable to home router. From my macbook i am seeing it is listed as a “NAS” but selecting it is not connecting. it throws an error "the server does not exists or it is not available at this time … " Any ideas on how to solve the problem ? I have switched on the device after few years!!

I also do not see any LED glowing. when i power on it start with RED and YELLOW then after some time i see green but blinking then no light at all… Ethernet is blinking and Macbook’s finder is able to see my macbook - but can’t opeen

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@ganwd You have started your topic in the My Cloud Home sub-forum. You may want to go back to the WD Community and post in another sub-forum for your device. You can also look at this list.