I downloaded the program to allow me to see the files on my cloud on a friends computer.  It worked fine. I had to sign in the first time  so I assumed security was OK.  However now when ever I double click the wd app on the windows computer I don’t have to log in again, meaning he can also see the files.  Not secure.  How do I fix it so every time someone clicks on the app they have to login?

Here is a link to the User Manual.

You can read the information provided in the Dashboard about Users and Shares plus that provided under Help (?).

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cat0w (USA)

I understand that you are using the WD MyCloud Desktop App. Once the app is set up to access your NAS, anybody who can open the app can access the NAS.

You can prevent people from opening the app by adding a password to open the app itself. It is in the settings of the app somewhere. This password doesn’t need to be the same as the user credentials on the NAS.