Security Risks Associated with Cloud Hosting

Can anyone tell me what are the “Exact” security problems associated with cloud hosting?

Here is a link where you can find out more about the WD My Cloud.

How do you have your computers and network protected now?

The My Cloud device IS NOT “cloud hosting” in the sense of an online “cloud” based storage site or web hosting service. What the My Cloud device is, is a network attached storage device that is connected to your LOCAL network and which allows limited remote access from outside your local network IF you enable the Remote Access Feature of the My Cloud.

As the previous poster indicated, see the My Cloud support site where you can obtain the User Manual to learn about the features of the My Cloud and how to use them.

If you are asking about specific security settings or issues, the My Cloud is like any other CONSUMER grade device. Meaning there are potential security risks to using it. It is not hardened against attack like enterprise grade devices may be. Any device one connects to their local network (My Cloud included) presents a potential security risk. By enabling Remote Access or allowing remote access through the network Firewall one is exposing their network to the POTENTIAL for their data to be compromised.

The single bay, single drive My Cloud is NOT designed for enterprise level businesses, it is designed for the home user or very small office user.

There are a number of past discussions on security one can find using the forum search feature, magnifying glass icon upper right. There are a number of specific security vulnerabilities in the My Cloud firmware that were publicly announced a while ago. It is unknown how many (if any) of these vulnerabilities were fixed (or remain open) with the latest My Cloud firmware’s.

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