Securing media folders


i have just ordered one of these and i have browsed through the set up guide.

I was wondering can you restrict access\password protect a folder (obviously located on an external hard drive, not on a network) using the software on the box or is there another way?


I just received and set up my WD TV Live and I like nearly everything about it.

I have a 1.5T USB drive attached to the unit, so I have plenty of room on the drive. I also have a large collection of MP3 audio books that I would like to store on the same USB drive. I don’t want to listen to these audiobooks on the WD TV Live player. However, the tracks are automatically indexed by the WD TV Live. Of course, I’d prefer not to see those hundreds of tracks included along with ‘real’ music tracks.

I wish there was a way to exclude a section of an attached USB drive, or even folder by folder. I am not trying to password-protect the content, but I am sure there are some families that would like to lock some content away from younger eyes.

Of course this could be done if the drive was networked rather than directly connected, but in my situation it is more convenient to have the drive connected via USB.

I suppose there are ways of encrypting and password-protecting HD folders with some versions of Windows – plus some third-party security programs – but those applications are not a good fit for my issue.

It would be cool if the WD TV firmware could provide some more folder management options, such as ‘exclude from view’ or even ‘password protect.’

I am new here, and no doubt this issue has been raised before. If anyone could point to a previous thread that might have some solutions, I would appreciate it.