Secure deleting all data


i have a short question: i want to return my mycloud to amazon because the transfer speed is very low. but i have stored some personal data on the mycloud.

i have deleted them via windows explorer and now a full restore is running.

will the full restore erase the complete hdd or just the stored data on the mycloud?

i want that nobody can restore the data.

You will need to securely overwrite the data stored on the disk. You can do this by running a data shredder software product from your PC.

I found some post about using SSH and installing a secure delete Debian package on the NAS, but this requires advanced Linux skils, as package installation is not always straightforward given the structure on the NAS.

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Does that means that the already deleted Data will not be overwritten??? 

The restore process is finished, it took 13 hours.

my question is only, if the FULL RESTORE PROCESS will delete only the stored data, or the full hard disk drive.

it was running about 13 hours. that means there must be done somthing complex, e.g overriding the data partition or the hard disk with zeroes.

The system restore will do sector level checks that will run for a long time, but I don’t think it will overwrite the data with zeros.

The FULL RESTORE overwrites the entire data volume with zeros.

It does not do ANY sector scans of any sort.

Thank you, this message makes me very happy. today I sent it back to amazon.

according to an article in the internet, its enough to override the entire hdd once with zeroes. 

the thread can be closed :wink: