Second WD Live Wire package - need to understand possibilities/limitations

I purchased a second WD Live Wire package yesterday.Unfortunately I am not sure that I can now use the units.

My intent was to place these additional units in other areas of my house - not have to run wires. I actually did not need the 4th unit but as the units are sold in packages of two, I saw the second unit as a spare.

My question is pretty simple. Can you actually use three units at the same time? I need to know if it is possible as I have not succeeded in doing this. Perhaps I expect too much.

I may have been misled by the suggestion in WD Live Wire literature that says units should be synchronized so that others cannot access information. It seemed to imply that others could access information if the units were not synchronized. Hence the possibility of adding a third unit. Idea was to have one unit on main floor and two other units in other rooms in the house.

I guess a supplementary question would be - can you operate two systems at the same time on the same power line? Not rushing to try this if not reccomended.

Also I have been noticing noise on phone lines when network is operating. Are there filters or other noise cancelling solutions available?

Thanks for all.

As for the noise problem, I don’t think I have an answer. But, for the “Using a third box” question, the answer is yes. I have 3 boxes synced together in my house and they work great. The 4th is just collecting dust in the box. I hope that helps.

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Thanks Uncle Mike! Much obliged. It is reallly important for me to know that it is possible. I will give it another run. I gather I use the synchronizing function to achieve this. Very cool.

There is no specific need to use the SYNC function unless you need to “privatize” the connection.

I also have three LiveWires running, and I don’t use the sync function.

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ok. Will try again tonight. Sync approach did not work last night. Wondering if issue is with ISP provider. Interesting that ‘old’ set works fine together and ‘new’ set works fine together but mix of units does not work. Adding third unit to either set-up triggers message that there is no IP address. Have tried different computers without success.

Did you reset your original pair before trying to sync the new pair?   Use a paper clip as per page 18 of the user manual.

Reset the original pair and then pair all 3 within 2 minutes of plugging them in.

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Yes. Did that. Thanks. Reset without the sync. Tried hooking things up. That did not work so tried after syncing units. This did not work. Suspect that I may have exceeded the 3 sec push limit on sync button. Reset all units after that approach did not work but still had the two set difference.

Have you tried putting one of the working units at the place you’re trying to add the third unit?  Just to make sure the circuit is compatible?  If so, it’s likely you’re just not getting a clean reset to remove the original sync and/or not getting the sync buttons pushed properly.  

I’m using a Netgear adapter as my third unit and have no problems - although the units are not synced for privacy.

If all else fails, trying sprinkling a bit of eye-of-newt on each adapter while chanting the lyrics of a Beatles song.