Second Sata-Drive-No access

I have two main winxp-configurations which i can use on my open pc. ga-7n400 pro2 ver. 2 A ide(boot)-sata-drives or B sata(boot)-sata-drives until now i could use my ide and sata-booth-drives both together with 320gbAAKS. Now with my new 640gb AARS despite the fact that i has been recognized on configuration B(Sata-sata) i cannot see the drive on mycomputer. If i switch to my older 320gbAAKS everything is ok. And using 640gb-AARS as second drive is also ok on A(ide-sata). System says silicon image SCSI driver 3512 is used. on cd i see a driver called 3112. When i switched back from ide-sata to sata-sata i had to remount the driver. i also tried manual installation.

It seems i have found where the problem lies. on the label i have read: winxp, single partition set jumper 7-8. since i wanted a single partition but not winxp, only data-drive i have really set jumper before formatting. now i must set that jumper in order to ide-drive to recognize the sata-drive. So i think that jumper-problem- no jumper needed for my task(data-only drive)-means drive cannot be recognized in my sata-sata-configuration. Possible solution: empty drive and reformat without jumpering, right?

I’m not sure what your problem is exactly, your wording is a bit hard to understand. However as far as the jumper goes, I believe it offsets all the sectors by 1. So when a disk would normally have stuff on sector 63 its really on 64. If you remove the jumper it’d be best if you recreate a new partition table on the drive as well IMO.

Sata-Drive WD6400AARS is now empty and freshly formatted, with jumper still set since without i cannot see it. I am still on my ide-system.

Removed jumper and searched for hardware with no success.  Maybe i must startup first without the drive attached.

I will now try the same on my sata-system.  Its the same winxp-PC(Ga-7n400 pro2 rev. 2). thanks

I am repeating what i have said in my first post: my older 320 WD-3200-AAKS is working as second HD on both ide and sata-systems. But not the new above mentioned  WD6400AARS.  Maybe i must format it on my sata-system-without jumper, we will see soon. I am doing this within winxp.

tului: what is no clear?

hello again. I did it, at least for now on my ide-system. 1. i could install my second drive on my ide-system by using the computer-organization(computerverwaltung). ide-sata a) converting to a dynamic drive b) etablishing a volume c) format sata-sata i am now on my sata-configuration. sata-boot-drive. here its a bit different. a) it says its unknown(fremd in german)- converted to base(basis)- nicht zugeordnet-german for not associated. I must now set a partition. The question is: primary or extended partition? maybe i have access-problems when formating as primary. I am using it only for data as second drive. Does it matter if i am setting a primary partition? Thanks

By doing the right procedures(not only formatting!) my second sata-drive is seen on both ide and sata-systems. I have finally removed the jumper and set a primary partition for this data-only drive.