Second computer updating

Download and updated when well on my (first) computer. Do I have to go though the same process on other computers and phones? Or is it as simple as adding new users? Thanks.


What did you update? If you are updating your computers why would you post in this WDMYCLOUD sub-forum?

So . . .the O/S5 upgrade happens on the NAS. . .not the individual computers.

However. . . .If you access via phones, each phone needs the new OS/5 app.

Accessing from a computer is pretty much the same as before. (either through a web app (which is new in OS/5. . but that’s not your problem) (or access via a PC that is the same as before).

HOWEVER… . .although SHARES are preserved in the upgrade, USERS are not. If you have multiple users assigned to different shares; that assignment must be redone from the NAS.

Note: Windows tends to not like multiple different users for the same NAS on the same Windows user account.