Searching for this theme..anyone know it? slow thumbnail issue as well

Ok so i got mine last week and have been messing around with themes and movie sheets with no avail. the whole movie sheet is confusing. i was able to load different themes pretty easy. im still trying to find a theme that i like. i would like one that displays album art like this and fills up the screen with movie art.

my other problem is that it takes a while for the thumbnails to populate. every time i open the folders i have to wait a couple seconds for the thumbnails to load. then when i change the page it has to load them again. its weird that it does not cache it or something. doesanyone  have this problem with thumbnails loading ?

Themes generally have various views you can use, displaying different amounts of video covers based on the view. I am sure that there are several of them here that can display the cover art across the screen like you are requesting. I am using Good Bye Black Mamba and one of the view shows two rows of eight, not exactly like you show in your picture but similar.

Here is BM in a full screen cover view

I am sure people using other themes on this board can tell you if there is one that does three rows instead of two like above.

And yes, sometimes it takes a few seconds to populate the covers. Not sure why that is. One of the coders may be ablet to answer that for you.

Good luck, and I am sure there is a theme that will meet your needs.


@ randomvengeance

‘im still trying to find a theme that i like. i would like one that displays album art like this and fills up the screen with movie art.’


Sorry to disappoint you but the hub’s firmware cannot handle that amount of data (3 rows of 9 thumbnails/ movie covers to the layman) without severly effecting performance (i.e. speed in browsing).

_ Cache problems _ can easily be solved, just do a search on the forum.

Cache problems can easily be solved, just do a search on the forum.


If its on a networked drive/share it can’t be. I agree it is a pain, not much you can do about it.

can someone point me in the direction for fixing the cached thumnail issue, im unable to find it under search. thanks

Roll back to 2.07.17 Works for me. Current firmware seems to cache about 40 thumbs, 207 seems to have no limit. One of my folders has about 1000 movies in it and thumbs load instantly. I am running 12tb nas over ethernet and run joeys latest work of art 15 thumbs

Thought I would give it a try as its been a while since I did a rollback.

You are indeed correct, but my thumbnails are degraded quality wise, and you obviosly lose the My media Library and the resan for new files. And unless a jpg is called folder, then it wont display as the poster for that folder, something else thats not an issue for the later firmwares.

So not sure if its worth the roll back tbh.

what if i plug my NAS directly to the WDTV? will that make a diffrence at all? or rolling back the firmware the only way?

Hello randomvengeance,

I’ve had a go at creating a view/xml with a similar layout to the link of the picture you had posted.

I done two xml’s for you to try out if you want to, they are basically the same. One is a 9x3 layout and the another is a 8x3 layout. One thing I had noticed with the 9x3 layout is that the navigation speed was a bit sluggish yesterday when I was trying it out and only could be fixed by pressing the yellow button and cycling the different views until getting back to the 9x3 view. But today there has been no problems the navigation speed and the speed has been good. I have no idea what is going on, so I have done the 8x3 just in case the 9x3 is a bit sluggish for you.

This is not a theme just the two views/xml’s, so the home screen will be the same as the default Mochi theme. And the gallery, preview and list views/xml’s will also be the default Mochi views.

Stephen. (19kb)

Hi stearm

Nice work btw, but which FW have you designed this gallery view to run on succesfully?

Hello architectonic,

The views/xml’s works on the Hub’s firmware 2.07.17 and the latest 3.09.18 and I would image everything in-between.

I am using firmware 2.07.17


thanks for doing that man, it looks great. Is there anything i can do to cache the thumnails? can anyone confirm that hooking straight up from hardrvie to wdtv that the thumbnails do not load any quicker

Thumbs will always load instant if connected via usb, once they cash once.

Connected via network will not… and i know …**bleep**!!!