Searching for a tutorial to install an streamripper via SSH

Hi there!

I’m looking for an tutorial to install an scheduled stream ripper on my My Cloud via SSH.

Just installed pyLoad, what runs very nice :smiley:

Best regards!

Have you used the search function rather than starting a thread asking for it? :slight_smile:

And if search does not yield a result, perhaps you could research and do it yourself and write a tutorial for other users. Now wouldn’t that be like a real community forum, where people help others selflessly rather than asking for a tutorial on their very first post. A little work is sometimes necessary.

-used the search function > yes, no results

-research ->

-do it yourself -> not enough skill, that why I’m asking …

my linux skills: cd = go to common directory, mv = move, cp = copy, chmod = giving rights, exit = close session, sudo = login as superuser/admin

So these are my findings, i don’t have skill enough to test without bricking that this python script is working. I’m hoping for help. :) 

Edit: little extract of my research from saturday