Seagate Free Agent GoFlex 1TB

I bought 3 of these about a month ago I got the first one full of movies and when I play them it pauses for a breif half to a second and then speeds up to catch up. It happens about every 10 minutes or so. Talked to a tech at best buy he said he liked them better than the WD that I am using 5 of them Passports 1TB. So I took and put the files on another fresh Free agent and same problem. Went and bought the toshiba Canvio swapped all my files and all seems to be well.

Has anyone had this problem with seagate before or you have and thought it was something else?

Looks that the drives are going to sleep ? Does Seagate have any Power Save management Features turned on perhaps?

See this post and use the utility to see what is the default Adjust Drive Sleep Interval