Seagate drives with EX4100

Hi all

I am looking at the EX4100 for my photography
I already have 2 x Seagate NAS drives and wondered if they would be OK in this?

Anyone know if they can be used or are WD red drives all that work


I use 2 Seagate drives, no problem!

Thanks. Now I can use my Seagate NAS drives

What size are the drives? They ought to be exactly the same in all respects.

They’re 3TB Seagate NAS drives
Looking at getting another 2

Heloo TreKronor,
I have Seagate ST3000DM003 installed but not working!!
did you go through some steps to make it work for you?
thank you,

Sure, you have to initilize (build up the RAID / JBOD) the drives, but that’s all. I use Seagate-, Hitachi-, etc drives without any problems in my two EX4100 (one EX4100 with RAID, one EX4100 with JBOD with different mixed drives)!

Isn’t there a way to do it without formatting the hard drive?
thank you,