Seagate Backarmour drives in a new PR2100

My Seagate died, even though both drives are fine. I have bought a new PR2100 from Best Buy, inserted the drives into the PR2100, and done the initial setup.
How do I get the PR2100 to recognize that these drives were already a 2 bay RAID without losing all of the data on them. It is asking to “configure RAID”, which I am worried will essentially format both drives. I don’t want to lose the data, which is why I bought the replacement in the first place, since I was told it would just accept them.

Scared on Thanksgiving.

See the dedicated subforum for the PR Series where people more familiar with that device may be able to assist and where you can use the forum search feature (magnifying glass icon upper right) to find past discussions that may be similar to your issue. This subforum (My Cloud) is generally for the single drive/single bay My Cloud which does not feature the ability to replace the drive(s) like some of the multi bay models do.

The My Cloud devices use a different partition layout than the Seagate NAS.
Importing data from non-My Cloud systems is not officially supported…

… but luckily there’s still some options left.

My Cloud firmware
You could install the first disk in the PR2100 as a new volume.
Then via SSH, use mdadm assemble to mount the old array.
Then copy all data to the new volume.

Alternative Firmware
Install Debian and OMV 4 on an external USB drive (e.g. My Passport).
Then simply import the mdadm array from the web GUI. This works even for a RAID0 array.

Do this at your own risk.
Feel free to call WD support, they might have better solutions.