Sd card not seen

when using wd2go pro and wd photos the apps dont see my sd card…i have it mounted and shows 14g in available storage but unable to set the cache using the sd card…

when i click on 3 gb cache in settings it says not enough space on sd card…it is only seeing my phone’s available memory…how can I change this?

The process to change the memory from the phone to the sd card is done trough the phone AFAIK

what type of phone/tablet do you have?

Check on the phone settings on how to select the sd 

Some ROMS will switch the sd-card with the internal sd-card (labeled emmc and sdcard, or sdcard and ext-sdcard). You’ll need to ask those who provided your ROM. For instance, in CM9, I have the option to switch my SD card under “System Settings > Advanced.” By default it uses my external SD card as the internal one, and the internal one is mounted as an external one.

ok…well now I am being told via email with wd support that the cache must reside on the card/memory that the program is installed on…

but the support staff here is telling me something different??

what is correct?