Just looking through the XML to see if my Music PLayback screens tweaks will be possible, Spotted  “screensaver_album_playback” :

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<image h=“96” w=“96” y_offset="@@album_art_y" x_offset="@@album_art_x" image="@@album_art"/>

<text h=“46” w=“350” y_offset="@@album_name_y" x_offset="@@album_name_x" fontsize=“40” text="@@album_name"/>

<text h=“46” w=“350” y_offset="@@artist_name_y" x_offset="@@artist_name_x" fontsize=“40” text="@@artist_name"/>

<text h=“30” w=“350” y_offset="@@song_name_y" x_offset="@@song_name_x" fontsize=“25” text="@@song_name"/>

<text h=“19” w=“100” y_offset="@@played_time_y" x_offset="@@played_time_x" fontsize=“19” text="@@played_time"/>

Looks like we may be getting (or WD have tested) the much asked for Music Screensaver ?

Would be nice.

Just NEED Gapleass Audio Play back !!

This type of modifications are not supported, but maybe some of the other users can share some advice. 

jubei04 this is not a theme modification I am trying to make . . it’s a view setting in the gpl download so one of yours (WD)

My point was that the much requested Music info screen on screen saver seems to have been looked at by WD developers at some point and it would be a great addition when/if its put live.

Hi silki, sorry for the confusion.