Scorpio Black SATA 1.5GB/S jumper setting

does anyone know the jumper setting to force the scorpio black portable drives to run at SATA 1.5GB/S speed?

I have searched the knowledge base and on google, but there is only settings for desktop hard drives.

Hi they dont have one they have 4 jumper pins but none of them are to set transfer rate to 1.5 Gbs. The drive should auto set .

The sata controller of my laptop is not compatible with SATA 3GB/S, and the drive is not adjusting to 1.5GB/S automatically.

Having it run at 3GB/S causes hangs and very slow boot up time.

I need a way to set it manually at 1.5GB/S, but I could not find any on WD portable drives.

I know this is a very rare case, but Seagate has a jumper setting can force the drive to run at 1.5gb/s, and Samsung has a software to set the max UDMA mode… I wonder why WD wouldn’t have one.

any luck with this?  I need to accomplish the same thing.  Very irritating.   Still, if I find a way, I’ll come back to post.