Scorpio black beeping/chriping noise

Hey all, I got an xps 15 a couple years ago and it has a Scorpio black factory installed. The past day or two I’ve been hearing what sounds like a beep while I’m wilting on a word doc and it comes intermittently. I know there isn’t a speaker on the drive but it is most audible when I have my ear over the spot where the drive sits. Has anyone run into an issue like this? My best guess is the arm is having an issue which probably means it will **bleep** out sooner or later

Thanks in advance

I had a laptop with a pair of 500GB Seagate drives doing this, it hung in there until I got a new work laptop. The drives weren’t showing any errors but yours might if you run a test and post the results back here.

Most accounts of this are very bad things happening inside the drive, like the heads stuck on the platters or a spindle problem. If it’s just started occuring personally I wouldn’t trust the drive and I’d be inclined just to replace it.

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I ran the drive test that they have on the main site to download and it came back clean, though I’m assuming its like a check disk which wouldn’t report anything mechanical… I’ve moved most of my stuff to drop box so unless there is a test that works on the mechanics, I think I just have to watch it for the time being

The WD tool isn’t going to report a lot of problems, download smartmontools and gsmartcontrol. Install both and load gsmart, which is the UI. You might be able to run a conveyance test, which is a mechanical test designed to be run after a drive has been shipped, to pick up damage during shipping. Also post the smart report here, just black out the drive serial first. It’s “attributes” in gsmartcontrol.

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The wd program runs an extended self test and that is a much more extensive test so the conveyance test probably won’t show anything up. It is a short test though, probably still worth running.

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I just used the command line to run the tests

Here’s one with the conveyance test included as well conveyance.png

Hmm, thta seems to be indicating what should fail the test, a read failure. Unfortunately that data is cropped, I can’t see the raw values (10 raw counts is usually 1 count, and all I can see is that it’s less than 10 raw counts).

What that does indicate is that the drive is faulty though, you could try your luck going through RMA as is or you could try and push it a bit further into failing the tests. I can point you in that direction tomorrow if you want, there is a dos tool that you can tell to read/write a specific sector range indefinately, if a sector is on the threshold of good/bad that definately flicks it over onto the bad side. I’m not really sure if that’s the case here, seems more like it might be a servo/head failure.

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I would appreciate any help I can get :wink: Does this screen shot give you anymore info?